Elementary School

Patravadi School

Academic Curriculum : Core Curriculum for Basic Education, Ministry of Education in 2551. We employ art as a tool for learning, in order to build the capacity of students, both academically and culturally. We engage students in practical Thai and English language discovery through project and activity based learning. We give students the skills and ability to not only continue their studies, but even study abroad.

The school year is divided into three semesters:


School begins in early June.

Recessed around early September – mid-September.

Semester 2

Semester starts in mid-September.

Recessed around mid-December.

Semester 3

School begins in early January.

Recessed around early April.


Days and school hours :


Elementary school years 1-6 :

Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 hrs.


All students:
Saturday from 08:00-12:00 – Student development activity such as art, ballet, music, etc.


ชุดนักเรียน ประถมศึกษา
ชุดพละ ประถมศึกษา

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